Solar Thermal / Solar Thermal Systems

The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy that is sufficient and free. Solar energy is the most important renewable energy source, especially for Cyprus, which has high solar radiation with long sunshine

In recent years with the significant increase in fuel prices, the need to save and reduce energy consumption is becoming essential.

Solar thermal water heating is a method by which solar energy is used to produce hot water, which is used to cover a large amount of the residential heating and hot water needs.  It is a "green" method and an alternative way of space heating and hot water heating, which however help us to reduce the energy costs of our house.

Solar thermal systems is particularly popular at both the European and worldwide level. Generally these systems consist of the solar collectors, the storage tank which acts as a reservoir of energy storage, the necessary piping and a controller system.

Investing in a solar thermal system is cost-effective. The reliable technology offers long-term performance with low maintenance and relatively fast depreciation.
A summary of the advantages and benefits of installing a solar thermal system are the following:
  • Solar thermal systems use solar energy which is a free and renewable source of energy
  • Solar water heating systems are very efficient especially in sunny and warm areas with high solar radiation, such as Cyprus
  • They can cover a large amount of residential heating and hot water needs
  • There are advantageous economic incentives in the form of governmental grants which covers a large part of the investment thus ensuring very good payback period, averaging between 5-10 years
  • They have low maintenance costs
  • Helps in reducing CO2 emissions in the environment
  • They have a life expectancy of over 25 years
  • They can easily integrated into buildings and are fully consistent with the quality of architecture design and urban planning requirements

WIKORA solar thermal water systems

Our company, through the manufacturer WIKORA GMBH,  offers a wide range of solutions in solar thermal water systems

Wikora offers a wide range of Solar Storage Systems and Solutions.

Wikora products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant European regulations and standards, under TÜV-supvervised production specifications.

WIKORA quality and reliability
The Wikora collector production is additionally certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and our solar collectors bear the European quality symbol "Solar Keymark".

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